Read the download step by step and the information on the right before proceeding with your subscription.

Leia atentamente o passo a passo para download e as informações ao lado antes de prosseguir com sua assinatura.

Slotpokerpro for apps

Author: SlotPokerPro
$19.90 / month
Assinatura mensal recorrente

You will have 7 day(s) to try the product for free.

After this period you will be charged $19.90 / month

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  • Slotpokerpro for apps

    $19.90 / month

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  • After the free trial period, if the subscription is not canceled the amount is automatically charged to the card informed.
  • Features prone to site updates
  • Monthly amount automatically renewed on the card


  1. After signing, go to
  2. Click login (you must be logged in to download)
  3. Use the same email address used to pay for the subscription.
  4. Change your password by clicking "I forgot my password"
  5. After login, access the "Download" tab in the main menu
  6. Select the "ForApps" submenu
  7. Click on "I already have a registration" and download

Após a assinatura:

  • Após assinar acesse o site
  • Clique em login (é preciso estar logado para realizar o download)
  • Use no login o mesmo e-mail usado no pagamento da assinatura
  • Altere sua senha clicando em "Esqueci minha senha"
  • Após o login realizado, acess no menu principal a aba "Download"
  • Selecione o submenu "ForApps"
  • Clique em "Já possuo cadastro" e faça o download