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Congratulations! If you are reading this text it is because you are serious about investing in yourself. And you have to take it, especially when it comes to your health. My name is Leonardo, I am a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor. I got to know Pilates when I suffered with back pain, I took the course and started training and improving the practice, I NEVER EVER had back pain. As a Physiotherapist I use Pilates not only as a physical activity, but as a therapeutic resource. This e-book was designed in every detail to bring health to you. Complete the payment details and do Pilates too.

Ronaldo Tiensolli
Ronaldo Tiensolli

"Leonardo, a professional of the highest standard, recovered my confidence, esteem and balance, at a time in life when I suffered most from my spine. I am always grateful for the professionalism and dedication you offered me in Pilates. Thank you"

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